Current Progress

Above, one of jupiter’s Youth Ambassadors, Ashleigh Price, and a friend talk publicly about their respective journeys.

In 2020, COVID-19 forced the closure of our rooms in Salamander Bay.  So, we created a “virtual space” with our “Teleport” service which offers counselling by phone or video. We also do walk’n’talk .

In March 2021, we opened “Tilli Place” in partnership with the Tomaree Neighborhood Centre in Tanilba Bay.

In 2022 another space to talk opened in Raymond Terrace.

Community consultation and participation has been important to developing the vision for COPSY and its aim to provide an accessible, available and affordable youth mental health service: 

Accessible because the location of jupiter in the Salamander Bay (2019), “Tilli Place” in Tanilba Bay (2021) and Raymond Terrace (2022).  These sites are more convenient to access than the headspace centres at either Maitland or Newcastle. Also, we understand that going to jupiter will be more attractive than going to a doctors’ practice or existing local counselling services. 

Available because existing services are stretched with long waiting lists. COPSY funds extra counsellors. As the prospective users in the local schools are not allowed off campus until after 3pm, jupiter professionals are available at each site each afternoon from 3-6 pm.

Affordable because jupiter counselling services are free.  

We have now developed a five-year plan based on the future of the services for the region. The community has been generous but we now require a ‘hands up’.  

Donations will assist COPSY to pay staff and secure the long-term viability of the counselling service and education programme.

The formal launch of jupiter took place on 20th March, 2019. To access the jupiter site, use the “Click jupiter” button below.